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One way to oppose militarism is to take concrete action to help its victims.

Noora was shot in the head by a US sniper at the ripe and menacing age of 5. As her father writes, “On October 23, 2006, at 4 in the afternoon, American snipers positioned on a rooftop in my neighborhood started firing toward my car. My daughter Noora, a five-year-old child, was hit in the head. We rushed her to Heet General Hospital but she could not be treated there because the hospital lacked supplies and qualified doctors. We were forced to take her to Ninawa hospital, which is 600 kilometers north of my town. Two operations were performed in the Neurological Department. Then she was transferred to Ramadi General Hospital where two more operations were performed by a neurosurgeon.”

“Noora lost bone in her skull and needs a prosthetic replacement. She also needs plastic surgery. These operations cannot be done in Iraq due to the terrible state of Iraq’s medical care system. If you can help us with this problem, please try…”

NMV brought Noora to Maine for medical treatment. Here is a video that tells part of that story.


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