What a 6-Year-Old Iraqi Girl Would Ask the American Who Shot Her in the Head

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TruthDig posted a video produced by NMV:

“The organization No More Victims works with local communities to bring children injured in America’s wars to the U.S. for medical treatment—children like this inspirational little Iraqi girl who simply beams despite everything she has been through.”

Truthdig is an excellent source of information about the US warfare state and the suffering it inflicts upon our brothers and sisters across the world. They also cover growing hardship in American communities as our captured government replaces rule by consent of the governed with rule by corporate fiat. The evidence is everywhere: the US incarcerates more citizens than any other country on earth, providing an enslaved workforce and “shareholder value” to privatized, for-profit prisons; Wall Street bailouts for corrupt bankers while unlawful foreclosures go unpunished; police forces are being militarized and trained in the tactics used on the “battlefields” of militarily weak and impoverished countries whose resources the corporate state covets. By standing up for civilians living on the front lines of US militarism, we are defending our own rights and protecting our families from the ravages of the corporate state.

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