Valentine Concert Mixes Rock with Awareness

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There’s no better way to tell your valentine you love them than by shouting it over some righteous jams.

A benefit concert, “No More Victims,” will be held on Thursday. The event is hosted by Best Heard Blind, in Association with the Mountain View Market Co-op Rocks program.

No More Victims is a nonprofit organization working to restore health and well-being to victims of war, specifically children. No More Victims helps to organize and fund the effort to get medical treatment for Iraqi families in need.

More than 30 American communities have been inspired to develop similar projects under the banner of No More Victims. Founding director and Los Angeles resident Cole Miller will be speaking at the benefit concert.

Best Heard Blind is a Las Cruces record label, inclusive with events promotion and artist representation.

“We don’t just press a CD and then get it out there,” said Alejandro Paz, president of Best Heard Blind. “We cover all the aspects like album art, publicity, booking shows. We’re like a family unit.”

One of the major goals of Best Heard Blind is to channel the untapped talent in Las Cruces and share it with the masses.

“There is a strong music scene here, even if there aren’t many venues,” Paz said. “There are lots of musicians in this town and incredible music is coming out of it. It’s like we found a little secret and we want to share it with the outside world.”

Best Heard Blind is working to become all-inclusive when it comes to music. They will be in association with sister company Best Read Blind to create a soundtrack for a short film to be shot in New Mexico with a predominately New Mexican and Native American cast.

The benefit show will begin with a performance by folk singer Evan Woodward, followed by Starmaggot; Zealots of Anarchy; Faceless Entertainment; Finnigan and the No Gooders, a feel good alt-rock band with ska influences; Shahid Mustafa; Psykryptica, a metal band; Kultivation; Horror from this House, a thrash metal band.

“We’re trying to create awareness,” Paz said. “There will be multiple other benefits for other worthy organizations, just to get the word out in Las Cruces.”

The concert is at 6 p.m. at the Mountain View Market. Admittance is free, but $5 donations are appreciated. To learn more about No More Victims, visit

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