Mother’s Day for Peace

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This short film was produced by Brave New Films. In February 2006, we accompanied Omar and his father to the US after making arrangements for Omar’s treatment in Boston. Robert Greenwald had produced a new video about Mother’s Day that featured Gloria Steinem and a number of well-known actresses. Mother’s Day was originally intended as an urgent invitation for the women of the world to stand up against war and militarism. Elizabeth Ward Howe wrote the proclamation. The day has metastasized into a tacky merchandizing bonanza, and most people don’t know its origins. But they exist, and this video informed tens of thousands of viewers about the forgotten roots of Mother’s Day.

NNV was working on a project to bring Salee Alawee to the US for a new pair of legs. Hers had been blown off in the US missile strike that killed her brother and best friend and seriously injured her four-year-old cousin. Brave New Foundation used Mother’s Day for Peace to raise funds that helped us realize that project. Salee visited the states three times over the years for new prosthetic legs. We will always be grateful to Robert Greenwald and Brave New Foundation for their vital assistance with helping Salee and other war-injured children.

Brave New Films and Brave New Foundation have been tireless in efforts to inform the public about official crimes, especially war crimes. They are currently doing very important work on the infamous use of drones to terrorize entire civilian populations. We urge you to visit their websites here, here and here.

War crimes have fingerprints, and there is no statute of limitations.

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This post was written by Cole Miller

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