Who We Are

A Citizen’s Response to War and Militarism

No More Victims (NMV) is a grassroots organization that connects American communities with war-injured Iraqi children and their families. Community participants band together to learn how the child was injured, assess the child’s current situation, and work meet some of the child’s most pressing needs.

Through these community projects, children have received life-changing medical treatment in Los Angeles, Houston, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Boston, Greenville (SC), Portland (OR), San Francisco, and Portland (ME). High school and college students provided wheel chairs and other medical necessities to Iraqi families with injured children.

NMV has also arranged for children to receive medical treatment in Jordan and Syria sponsored by community groups in the United States. Iraqi doctors displaced by the war and occupation have performed surgery and provided prosthetic and rehabilitative services to injured Iraqi children.

We have demonstrated the viability the model, and proven that Americans in ordinary circumstances can directly intervene to provide some small measure of restorative justice to victims of imperial violence. Our work applies a simple principle: If you object, help the victims and tell the story. This unites tangible solidarity and mutual aid with effective educational outreach — an approach that might beneficially be applied in the United States as the demands of the war machine deprive more and more Americans of material well being and civil rights.

We are now working to help groups create their own direct relief and advocacy projects independently. The first such initiative, Healing Children of Conflict, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has completed its first medical evacuation project. It plans more in the future. In addition to consulting with these groups, we are producing a documentary and working to focus the public’s attention on the enormous human costs of US aggression. Your support for these efforts is greatly appreciated.


As Co-director and National Community Coordinator for NMV, Ann Miller works closely with communities across the country to help them form local NMV chapters and facilitate their projects. A long-time peace activist, she also co-founded a non-profit interfaith service group for teens, and has written articles about No More Victims’ children that have been published in both local and national publications.



Cole Miller is the Founding Co-director of No More Victims. A freelance writer, Miller co-created and produced the environmentally focused radio series Isla Earth, which took top honors in the News Bureau category of the 2008 Los Angeles Press Club’s 50th Annual Journalism Awards. He has appeared on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Al Jazeera, and the work of NMV has been profiled by People Magazine and many other publications.