Mohammad Khalid

The heartrending case of this eleven year old boy just came in from Cathy Breen. She writes from Najaf:

Dear NMV,

Warm greetings from Najaf. I will be leaving early tomorrow to Istanbul and then NY City. As fate would have it Iraqis just came to the apartment asking for advice and help. There are times when I am grateful that I am a nurse, albeit “retired.” An orthopedic doctor, Myada Kazeem Noor, introduced me to a 14 year old boy she has fit with double leg prosthesis. Mohammed was returning from school — he was 6yrs old — when a US bomb downed electrical wires. He stepped on a wire and was electrocuted, causing all four of his limbs to be amputated. The child spent 20 days in the hospital after the amputation and was sent home.

I have to say that I was dumbfounded to watch this lad walk unassisted. Dr. Myada is asking about the possibility of getting a left arm prosthesis for this boy. He does have movement in the stump, but as you can see from the photos he has no arms to even use crutches. Cole, can your group asssit this boy, or do you know of any group/organization that could?

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