Domestic Surveillance

The ultimate target of the corporate state is the domestic population, and for a very simple reason. We in theory and in fact pose a threat to the .1 percent that really runs the show. We are many, they are few. In a truly democratic society, we could end the policy of war and imperial expansion. We could bring the troops home and dismantle the empire of bases the US maintains to dominate others by the use or threat of force. We could dismantle the warfare state and use our tax money for services that benefit the citizens of our country. After all, satisfying the avarice of our elites is not the purpose of taxation. If enough of us educate ourselves and hit the streets, we could stop corporate elites from using the US treasury as their own private slush fund. We could confiscate purloined wealth and put fraudsters in jail. It is any wonder that we are the enemy our elites most fear?

The plunder of our resources by a kleptocratic elite is breathtaking: ENTER SOME STATS MAKE IT BRIEF

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