NMV began in late 2002 as the invasion of Iraq approached. We connect communities across the country with war-injured children in desperate need of medical treatment. We secured medical reports, raised funds, evacuated children from war zones, traveled to the Middle East to provide accompaniment, developed media plans, organized travel and logistics, and obtained visas for the children and accompanying parents. Local communities organized pro bono treatment, housing, local logistics and media outreach, translation blog_portland_banner_2services, and tended to the daily needs of parents and children during treatment. Peace communities hosted children in Los Angeles, Austin, Houston, Orlando, Orange, Pittsburgh, Boston, Greenville SC, Portland ME, Portland OR, and San Francisco. Hundreds of volunteers gave generously of their time and talents.

Each project is based on a simple working premise: If you oppose militarism and aggression, help the victims and tell the story. Make the injustice visible. The projects succeeded due to the dedicated efforts many people. These local, grassroots efforts were designed to provide war-injured children with urgent medical care unavailable in their war ravaged country. It showed the human face of “collateral damage”. These stories penetrated the mainstream media, and thousands of Americans experienced war through the eyes of a child injured by American forces.